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TRIDENT Advanced Cryogenerator

A Better Way

The Trident cryogenerator is designed to be a low cost, low maintance alternative to cryogenic cooling by liquid nitrogen (LN2) and dry ice (CO2).

The system is significantly more energy efficient than either with a 4.6 time advantage over LN2. Triton’s innovative and highly efficient refrigeration system delivers more cooling with greater efficiency and shorter cycles – better process quality are assured. Energy saving features deliver real user benefits and reduced cost of ownership.


Wherever you need low temperatures a trident cooler could be your answer.

Powerful Cooling to –140°C only when its needed
  • Robust—field proven in production environments
  • Patent applied for• Zero ODP
  • Scalable technology – from 100 W to 100 kW
  • Low capital cost
  • Oppertaional range –80°C to –140°C
  • Commercially proven in production environments
  • Capital, energy and installation costs recovered withless than 1 year vs LN2
  • Waste heat can be recovered and reused.
  • Safe, low hazard operation.
  • Automated opperation via profi-bus
  • Temperature control to +/- 2°C
Lots of Applications
  • Replacement of liquid nitrogen and multistage cascade systems across a wide range of applications. Higher capacity and lower cost than sterling type coolers.
  • Cryo-milling of Rubber, plastics pharmaceuticals, pigments
  • Grinding of Spices and delicate materials
  • Freeze Drying — Solvent and co-solvent mixtures
  • VOC abatement automatic defrosting of condensationsurfaces.


LN2 vs Cryo-Cooler PDF >

Technical Comparison


Maximum Heat Load *4kW (60 Hz)
3.6 kW (50 Hz)
1.6 kW (60 Hz)
1.3 kW (50 Hz)
Dimensions (w x d x h)1409 x 710 x 1908900 x 600 x 1800
Weight490 kg350 kg
Power22 Amps 400V/3/507Amp 400/3/50
ControlPLC based with Touch Screen HMI
CommunicationsIsolated (industry standard 32 Pin AMP) TCP/IP RS485 ModBus Device Net
Alarm FunctionAll measured parameters
Programmable controlYes (optional)Yes (optional)
Fork Lift AccessAll Four sidesAll Four sides
ComplianceCE, UL, CSA, F-GasCE, UL, CSA, F-Gas
Manufactured inEUEU
Stratox Cryo-Cooler High Efficiency Cooling
LN2 vs Cryo-Cooler Performance info >

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