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Pump Down Calculator

Please feel free to use our Pump Down Calculator. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Total pump down time:

  • 717.96 Seconds
  • 11.97 Minutes
  • 0.20 Hours

Pressure to 1 x 10-2 mbar

System Volume V L
Start Pressure Ps I/S
End Pressure Pe mbar
Pumping Speed S mbar
(2.3 x V)/S 4.84
log Ps/Pe 5.00
Time 24.18 Seconds

Pressure 10-2 to end point

End pressure nearest
Outgassing rate 13500.00 mbar I/S/cm
Surface area estimate M
Out gassing 675000.00 I/S
Pumping Speed S 1459382.26 I/S
Time to base 693.79 Seconds
11.56 Minutes
0.19 Hours

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