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Oakham, Rutland LE15 7TU

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Mission Statement

Stratox is a technology company focussed on the design, manufacture, and support of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems, with emphasis on the auto-cascade refrigeration process.

Stratox technologies are used in high technology environments within vacuum, bio-medical, petrochemical, materials processing and pollution abatement industries.  Substituting as a lower energy / cost  and higher performance alternative to liquid nitrogen.

Leaders in green refrigeration

Stratox produced the first zero ozone depleting mixed gas refrigerants. We remain the only independent manufacturer and supplier of mixed gas refrigerants under the Cascade brand. A significant proportion of our business activities are concerned with the conversion of cryo-cooler systems to comply with EU 842/2006 (F-Gas Regulations). The all new Cascade UL refrigerants have 70% lower global warming potential than any other blend. 

Unique Experience

With many years of auto-cascade refrigeration system development we have unique experience in the optimisation and development of the complex gas mixtures and the applications these systems require.  Stratox designs in the UK, and distributes related cryo products. Currently all water vapour cryo-pumps in the vacuum sector use technology conceived and developed by Stratox.

Partner Network

In support of our clients worldwide presence Stratox has established an expanding network of service partners for its compliant mixed gas technology, who support our service partners and their clients

Meet the Stratox Team

Founded in 2000, we design, manufacturer and support ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems

James Stenhouse

MD and Technical

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Jo Morris

PA, Administration and Sales Support

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Jane Easom

Finance and Credit control

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David Morton

Marketing and Sales

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Matt Horne


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