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Cascade Refrigerants for Polycold™ and Telemark™ Systems.

From Stratox, the first company to develop and commercialise a zero ozone depleting mixture. Stratox’s patented designs are embodied in Polycold’sTM MaxCool, Telemark’s TVP and Buhler Leybold, Leycool.

Cascade™ is more efficient producing lower temperatures faster with less power consumption.
  • Global support network with outstanding technical support
  • Proven performance, Lower Cost & Lower environmental impact
  • Over 500 systems successfully recharged!
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20% lower global warming potential
Polycold F-Gas compliant6173
Cascade F-Gas compliant Low GWP4935
Cascade F-Gas compliant Very Low GWP*1775

*Under test available end 2015


Fully compliant with Regulation (EU) No 517/2014

Cascade Universal Top Up

For All Polycold™ & Telemark Systems. Proven Performance & Lower Cost.

Cascade™ Refrigerants - Stratox

We are the only independent company who have the design experience and know how to formulate stable non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant blend for the entire line of Polycold™ and Telemark water vapour cryo-pumps. Since 2000 over 500 Cascade refrigerant charges have been manufactured. We have pioneered zero ozone depletion HCFC free blends since 2000 

Cascade™ Universal

The Universal Top UP is a specially formulated blend of refrigerants which allows users of older Polycold™ PFC and Max-Cool™ systems (specifically 00/01 series) to keep operating existing plant without upgrade until the F-Gas deadline. 

Lower global warming potential than the OEM supplied gas and is more efficient. 

  • Top Up as normal following system manufacturers guidelines 
  • Eliminates need to replace equipment until 01/01/2015 
  • Universally compatible, one size fits all 
  • F Gas compliant on HCFCs or CFCs 
  • Fast delivery from stock 
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We also offer

  • Credit on returned refrigerant cylinders 
  • Manufacture of Meissner traps 
  • Supply of genuine Polycold ™ Parts 

All Makes & Models supported

Polycold™ Full charges XC and 02 series 

Top Off Charge Universal all models 

Telemark TVP 3500 / 2000 

Korea Vac-Tec Cryo 6 + 9 

S-10 Technology S X 4000 / 2200 / 1100 

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