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Welcome to Stratox

We are focussed on the design, manufacture, and support of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems. Please use the menu to browse our services.

Established in 2000

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Remanufacturing & Upgrades for Polycold™ PFC 00/01/02

Your old under-performing cryo-generator may be nearing the end of it’s useful life, but remanufacture and upgrade represents:

A cost saving of up to 60%
over buying new

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Cascade Mixed Gas Refrigerants for Polycold™ and Telemark™ Systems

From Stratox, the first company to develop and commercialise a zero ozone depleting mixture. 

A Stratox patented design

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TRIDENT Advanced Cryogenerator

The Trident cryogenerator is designed to be an alternative to cryogenic cooling by liquid nitrogen (LN2) and dry ice (CO2).

With low costs & low maintenance

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Ultra Low Temperature Refrigeration is Our Business

Welcome to Low GWP Cascade refrigerants, Polycold™ upgrades and all things concerning the ultra cold! Please feel free to browse our website and if we can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why Stratox?

We are focussed on the design, manufacture, and support of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems, specialists in the auto-cascade refrigeration process. We distribute related technologies used in vacuum processing, bio-medical, petrochemical and pollution control industries. Our Trident systems are the lower energy, lower cost and higher performance alternative to liquid nitrogen cooling.

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Deep Knowledge

Founded in 2000 we produced the first zero ozone depleting mixed gas refrigerants. We are the only independent manufacturer and supplier of mixed gas refrigerants which we market under the Cascade brand. A significant proportion of our business activities are concerned with the remanufacturing of Cryocooler systems to comply with EU 842/2006 (F-Gas Regulations). Cascade UL refrigerants have 70% lower global warming potential, than competitors.  All new water vapour cryo-pumps for the vacuum sector use technology conceived and developed and patented by Stratox.

Flexible & Reliable

Stratox designs and manufactures in the UK.

We have unique experience, theoretically and in the field. We support  our clients Worldwide through expert medium sized channel partners within the vacuum industry. They share our passion for care and service. Reliability and investment in relationships is why we continue to grow and enjoy our work. 

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Help Reduce Your Organisation's Carbon Footprint – Make the Switch to Cascade Low Global Warming Potential Mixed Gas Refrigerant

Over 600 systems successfully recharged! Cascade is used to improve performance and lower GWP all over the world.


A few kind words from existing customers.

Essilor Group

As a member of Essilor Group, Isbir Optik demnads high performance and reliability from it’s vendors. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Stratox who supplied us a re-manufactured and upgraded Polycold PFC-1100.

The machine has contributed to the smooth running of our plant without any problem for 8 months.

Ismail Budak

Purchasing & Equipment Division Manager

Isbir Optik San A.S.       Essilor Group   

Polycold Remanufacturing >
Hella Autotechnik Nova s.r.o

On my Site it is all right. I am very glad that you hear about! You can seamlessly use my name as a reference for remanufacturing the old PFC’s. The same for Mr. Druschke.  All 12 PFCs are running very well. I am satisfied.


Maintenance Head

Hella Autotechnik Nova s.r.o

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Union Optic S.A.

Union Optic has more than 100 years experience as an optical company in Greece, the exclusive distributor of Hoya lenses in Greece. Union Optics exports private label advanced free-form lenses to 26 countries. Stratox remanufactured and upgraded our Polycold PFC-1100s 2 years ago.  Everything is running smoothly without any problems.

Ino R Varsano

Managing Director


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Helia Photonics Ltd

The service provided by Stratox Ltd. in particular, James Stenhouse, has been second to none with immediate on-site support, reliable re-manufactured equipment, confidence inspiring warranties and honest pricing.

I will continue to use Stratox as a preferred supplier in such hardware upgrades & replacements. Should you require further testimony please feel free to contact me.

Caspar Clark

Director and CTO

Helia Photonics Ltd   

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