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Druschke / Stratox Vacuum Training School

The training we provide will cover complete plant maintenance training in the area of vacuum technology, with instruction tailored to your company's requirements and involving knowledge of all major manufacturers. We provide a full range of information and skills, from the basics of vacuum technology, valve maintenance, the use of measuring equipment, sealing systems, troubleshooting and leak detection.

Where is the Course Held?

Courses are usually held at our partner company’s facility in Germany.  Here you have the opportunity to see the components both installed and separate – this is an invaluable benefit of our courses.

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Practical Demonstrations

We have a wide range of failed parts, which we can use for practical demonstrations of the typical causes of breakdowns. Participants also have the opportunity to see vacuum pumps during repair.

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Fault Types

This also frequently shows how different fault types can often resemble one another, so that the participants gain a direct overview of the potential problems which may arise with their own vacuum applications.

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Vacuum Training Location

Our “School of Vakuum” is located just north west of Frankfurt and easily accessible with a 45 minutes by train from Frankfurt am Main airport. The village of Gelnhausen Meerholz has restaurants and a very comfortable budget hotel all within 5 minutes walking distance of our training centre.

Can't Make it to Germany?

Your vacuum service team  can still be trained by some of the most experienced vacuum service engineers in Europe. 

At Your Premises

Training at the client’s site can be arranged although attendance at the training centre in Germany would offer a more comprehensive ‘hands on’ experience enabling many breakdown scenarios to be covered.

Comprehensive Course Content

The recommended 3 day training programme covers all the areas required to gain the knowledge to understand and maintain your vacuum pump systems. 

Vacuum Workshops

In house or optionally at client’s site. We aim to train our customers' service teams in all aspects of components and vacuum applications.

Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology
  • Basic knowledge on Vacuum Technology
  • Historical development of Vacuum Technology
  • State variables of gases
  • Influences of humidity
  • Gas sources in vacuum systems
  • Gas flow in vacuum systems
  • Thermal and electrical conduction in diluted gases
  • Measurement of pumping speed *
Setup and Function of Your Vacuum Facility
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Capacitance Dial Gauges (Baratron)
  • Thermal Conductivity Gauges (Pirani)
  • Ionisation Vacuum Gauges (Penning, Bayard-Alpert)
  • Vacuum Generation
  • Roughing Pumps (according to customer’s vacuum system)
  • Fine and High Vacuum Pumps (according to customer’s vacuum system)
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Operator’s duties to enhance up-time of vacuum pumps
  • Typical Vacuum ranges within your vacuum system
  • Typical failures and error handling
Leakage Detection
  • Special Basics on Leakage Detection
  • Rough Estimation of leakage rate by final pressure
  • Pressure rise test to calculate leakage rate (mostly integrated in vacuum system control)
  • How to distinguish between desorption and real leakage?
  • Setup of a Helium leakage detector
  • How to carry out economical assessment during leakage detection.
  • Practical exercises of the trainees with different levels of difficulty.
  • Leak detection of clients’ systems*

Training at Client's Site - Special Requirements

*We require the model and manufacturer of the clients’ leak detector prior to commencement of the course.

We will ship demonstration items within a standard euro pallet size case.  The cost of freight both ways is for the client’s account.  By their nature, some demonstration pieces weigh up to 100KG and this should be taken into account when planning on site training.  We also require a comprehensive list of vacuum equipment being used and the processes.

Cancellation Policy

If the course is cancelled within 1 week of the agreed commencement date, Stratox reserves the right to charge 45% of the total course cost.


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