Vacuum Pump Remanufacturing and Service

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Vacuum Pump Remanufacturing and Service

Remaufacturing has many benefits for the customer, the environment and the remanufaturers themselves.

Customer Benefits
  • Lower prices
  • Availability
  • Purchasing flexibility
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Environmental Benefits
  • Reduced raw material consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of material sent to landfill
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Remanufacturer Benefits
  • Local jobs
  • Skilled jobs
  • New manufacturing techniques
  • Better customer relationships
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Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps

Including Oerlikon Leybold, Edwards, Pfeiffer & Busch

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Pump Spares & Seal Kits

Everything you need to support your refrigeration process.

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Oil & Consumables

Pre-Vacuum pump oil

  • Perfluorierte Polyether (PFPE)
  • Mineral Oil

Diffusion Pumps Oil

  • Mineral Oil
  • Silicon Oil
  • Perfluorierte Polyether (PFPE)


  • Silicon grease
  • Perfluorierte Polyether grease
  • Mineral grease
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